[Video] My 3 Minutes of Fame from the Beijing Olympics

Slow news day in White Confucius land so I dug up this.

This was broadcast throughout Indiana, on all the NBC affiliates, back in 2008. These nice people took time from reporting on the Olympic action to give an Indiana boy his three minutes of fame. They wanted the editor of the pre-eminent entertainment magazine and website in Beijing to show them how Beijing parties. So that’s what I did.

(VPN/Chrome required)

But what you see is only part of the story. Here are the outtakes:

1. Korean Restaurant: The English gentlemen pictured who very kindly talked me up (especially my knowledge of hot women), was bribed with copious amounts of Korean bbq and Tsingtao and threats that I would never introduce him to my very attractive new co-workers.

2. Converse Party at Mao Live: I got three goody bags, but the NBC crew stole all three. I want my Converse t-shirts!

3. Yugong Yishan: Mickey Zhang who is (correctly) advertised as having played to crowds of 20,000 in Japan was that night playing to a crowd of 20. Of which I was only one dancing. Caroline Banx later co-opted the NBC team and tried to get them to re-focus the piece on her avant-garde Chinese Whispers CD project. She had to be forcibly removed from in front of the camera.

4. White Rabbit: The NBC crew had agreed to follow me around town until the bitter end of the night. They bailed at 1 a.m. claiming they had to go to the Great Wall with the mother of an Olympian the next day. That was the night of the DJ Matthias show which completely ruled.

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