The First Post

The idea started with a review I wrote of Jonathan Fenby’s book Tiger Heads Snake Tails wherein I called him a “white Confucius peddling scrolls of proposals to China‚Äôs leaders.” It was meant as a jab at a whole class of China commentators who pretty much do just that, even while making some nice coin on the total impossibility of the project. But I later realized that we are all in that boat, somehow, even when allowing for the “periphery as center” nicety posited by Harvard Prof Tu Weiming in Cultural China. Why white? Well, my friends, bury your head in the sand, but race still matters as a fact on the ground, especially in China.

What is this blog about?

  • Observations and reportage from someone who has lived in China since 1998.
  • Maybe even get some intelligent discussion going.
  • Possibly even incite critical thinking.
  • Sling some much needed flaming arrows toward mass media and its coverage of China.
  • And make incessant fun of deserving Sinologists and academics.

I strongly recommend you do not base investment decisions on the contents of this blog. Nor should you look to it to solve your relationship issues. Please do check back for the occasional recipe, though.

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