Taihu Photos: People of the Lake

The thing that is most difficult to capture or explain is the faces I saw during those nine days and 585 kilometers of cycling. They are etched in my memory, but are otherwise ephemeral. How can something so brief make such a deep impact?

Crab farmer near Qibu, Zhejiang

Washing clothes in a canal in Suzhou

Carving Buddha statues in Chongshan Dao

Early morning cyclist on Pingjiang Lu, Suzhou

A cyclist near Anting, on his way back to Shanghai
Pingjiang Lu, Suzhou

A girl got up in ancient dress for a photo shoot in Qiandeng
Early morning Pingjiang Lu, Suzhou
Pingjiang Lu, Suzhou
A couple from Anhui who run a lunch spot just of the lake in Zhejiang somewhere. The whole area will be chai’d within 6 months.
Pingjiang Lu, Suzhou

Pingjiang Lu, Suzhou
Pingjiang Lu, Suzhou

Me with girls in ancient dress in a park on Turtlehead Peninsula, Wuxi

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